(Sunday, 29 March, 2020)

Excerpts from the opening speech at State Assembly



Salient Features of State-5

            Sisne Putha Snow mountain to Marchawaar

            Triveni to Rajapur

            Dang, the largest and beautiful valley of Asia

            The birthplace of trailblazer of peace, Lord Gautam Buddha

            Tilaurakot, Ramgram, Devdaha, Niglihawa and other Buddha related and  Buddha era artifacts and places

            Swargadwari-Pyuthan, Paanini Tapobhumi, Supa Deurali Bhagwati temple-  Arghakhachi, Resunga-Gulmi, Ridi, Dharpaani (Pandaweshwor), Chaughera     Ratan Nath (Dang)

            Bank, Bardia and Dhorpatan reserves

            Naumure multipurpose hydroelectricity project




            Illiteracy, poverty, backwardness, unemployment

            the challenge of finalization and selection of permanent capitol city of Pradesh 5

            The challenge of transforming zonal mindset to state mindset

            mitigation of problems precipitated by the psychology of centralized and  unilateral government

            Conversion of political framework accustomed to right-centric politics to  development and prosperity

            Limitation of resources and wherewithal

            Shortcomings of required infrastructure at temporary capitol


Socio-economical situation of state-5


            Palpa leads and Rolpa is the weakest link from the perspective of human  development index.  Arghakhachi and Rupandehi succeed Palpa whereas   Pyuthan and Rukum lags way behind.

            Palpa, Gulmi and Arghakhachi tops the chart in terms of literacy. Kapilwastu,  Rolpa and Rukum are behindhand.

            From the angle of per capita income, Nawalparasi, Banke and Dang are  comparatively  ahead of Rolpa, Python and Gulmi.

            Palpa, Rupandehi and Gulmi are doing better from poverty indicator   perspectives. Rolpa, Rukum and Kapilwastu  lag behind them

            Palpa, Gulmi and Arghakhachi lead the chart from average age perspective whereas Kapilwastu, Banke and Rolpa lag behind.

            Palpa, Gulmi and Arghakhachi are in better position in child mortality rate   where as situation is grim in Kapliwastu, Bardia and Rolpa.

            Nawalparasi, Rupandehi and Dang are performing better from overall  agriculture productivity.  Among hilly districts situation at Palpa,  Arghakhachi and Pyuthan is also satisfactory.  Rolpa and Rukum lags   significantly in this sector.

            Rupandehi, Nawalparasi and Dang contribute more on gross domestic  production whereas Rolpa, Pyuthan and Rukum are the weakest  contributors.

            From Access road density point of view, Rupandehi, Nawalparasi and Palpa facilities.

            Rupandehi, Bardia and Banke has better access to drinking water.  Dang,  Rukum and Rolpa are most deprived to have this facility.

            Almost 92% of inland-revenue of state-5 is contributed by four districts of  Tarai, namely, Rupandehi, Banke, Dang and Kapilvastu.   Rupandehi  contributes substantially in both custom and inland revenue. But in nutshell, in-land revenue is the weak link of state-5


At the moment, when we are manifesting our determination of transforming this state as the best and model state of the country, the ground reality is that we are in 4th position from overall perspectives. We have to achieve our milestones through the planned initiatives and activities. We have no luxury at all to run away from our challenges. Let’s vow together that we will collectively translate the challenges into opportunities and transform the state into prosperous and model state of this country.  The onus of transformation is upon us and no other than us can or will do it.  We can and we must do it.  This is the promise from the government under my leadership.


Our long journey has started amidst the depravity and challenges.  But this won’t and can’t be the hindrance in reaching the milestones we have set.


            We have already established the required ministries despite lacking the  physical infrastructures.

            Commission for drafting the required state laws have already been formed  and highest priority has been set for promulgation of state laws.

            Attorney general has already been hired.

            The work on white-paper has already started and the white-paper is   intended to portray the overall as-is situation of the state.

            Concept paper on state development has already kicked off.

            State level Planning commission has already been formed and chief office    bearer is already hired.  The commission has already started working on  preparing short, medium and long-term plans.

            Work on establishment of state bank for project implementations is taking place.

            Consultation with federal government has already started to establish  administrative and governance authorities.

            The progress reports on projects of national pride and other projects are in  the process of acquiring.   Those will be vetted and reported to the federal government.


The followings delineate upcoming polices on various sectors.


Financial polices


            Transparency in formulation of state Budget

            Establishment of state bank to form an investment pool

            Holistic development of economy through three-front participation of government, private sector and cooperatives.

            Attract local and foreign investors and funds to invest in state-5

            Facilitate and encourage the saving measures

            Bank account for all citizens

            Strengthening productivity and state revenue


Good governance and transparency


            State level commitment towards transparency, accountability and good  governance

            reinforcement of security forces and institutions

            Development and implementation of E-government services and solutions

            Proper system of monitoring and evaluation


Stress on development of tourism infrastructure


            focus on implementation of broader Lumbini development masterplan

            Installation of educational park/hub and multipurpose park in the places  adjacent to east-west highway

            Preservation of Jagadishpur lake(listed on Ramsar List of wetlands of international importance)  and other natural lakes/ponds and building new artificial lakes/ponds

            building new hill stations to attract national and international tourists

            development of places related to artifacts of Lord Buddha era, ancient  religious places and religious tourism

            creation of facilities like home stay and new tourist destinations to promote cultural tourism

            to establish a special plan for Nepalgunj in context to its development towards becoming a major route for Mansarovar.

            protect, promote and facilitate artists for the purpose of development and   upliftment of art and culture

            promote the preservation and research works for the ancient artifacts.

            promote the research works on historical antecedents for the purpose of  translating it into touristic value.

            stress on development of infrastructure for the purpose of integrated  development of art, culture and tourism sector.


Focus on Irrigation


            stress on implementation of Very-Babai diversion, Sikta and Badkapath  irrigation projects

            Initiate  the feasibility study of Kaligandaki-Tinau diversion, Guharkhola and  Katuwa Khola Highdam and Bannganga high dam and expedite the  construction work of them

            Use of cutting edge technology such as Lift-irrigation method  for the   irrigation of hilly regions, Construction of artificial lakes by harvesting the   rain-water during the rainy season, implementation of droplet-irrigation  projects to manage the irrigation


Agriculture and Forestry


            Automation and commercialization of agriculture to gear up towards self  reliance on agriculture products

            identification of productive zone/ Green zone and protect as well as facilitate  them through technical assistance and subsidies.

            Provision of cold storage, long term storage and market access for organic agricultural products

            Special facilities and subsidies for herbal harvest, production, extraction and   medicinal value addition

            policy and program on scientific forest management practices for economic development by protecting forests and their proper utilization


Access Road connectivity

            To re-construct east-west highway as a 6 lane highway and Hulaki road as 4  lane road

            Construction of state hill highway from Palpa to Rolpa so as to connect the   hilly regions of state.

            conduct study and survey of feasible geographical locations for construction of express-highway with tunnel-ways.


Air connectivity


            To expedite the implementation of Lumbini international airport

            Expansion of Nepalgunj airport and land pooling for construction of regional  airport at Dang

            Construction of helipad in the remote hilly regions as per the requirements


Railway and Cablecar

            Conduct the feasibility study of monorail and implement it with the focus on  buddha circuit.

            Conduct the feasibility study and construct ropeway and cable car at   appropriate locations

            Stress on implementation of Pokhara-Lumbini railway project

            Stress on implementation of Parasi-Bardiya railway


Urbanization and housing settlement plan

            To come up with workable and effective strategies and programs for   economic development of all sectors of state by the development of three metropolitan along with long term and sustainable plan with an eye on increasing population

            Establishment of metropolitan centric pocket area for goods and service delivery

            Creation of hill station in hilly reason with the focus on tourism promotion

            Development of small cities at the center of village councils and development plan for establishing integrated housing at the center of wards.

            To ensure the reinforcement of unique identity and cultural characteristics of each cities.

            To ensure the management of long-term livelihood by managing the land- less, homeless and disordered habitats in a proper order and planned manner.


Social development


            Plan to prepare semi skilled, skilled and highly skilled human resource as per  the need of state

            Special focus on technical and vocational education

            To establish a state university with faculties such as science, management,  technical education etc.

            To develop zonal and sub-regional hospitals to provide state-of-the-art and quality oriented medical services.

            In line with the principle of social justice, special care will be taken for elderly, children and differently abled persons.


Information technology


            The focus will be set on computer education right from the school level.

            Development and promotion of information technology will be expedited     with the vision of creating digital state

            Utilization of information technology for the speedy service delivery in a  transparent, accountable and judicious manner

            Research and development as well as study of information technology sector will be highly encouraged

            Integrated data center /data bank of state will be constructed


Land management


            To manage the unmanaged habitation/settlements

            Land fortification through embankments

            To protect public land and utilize it in public interest

            Expedite land utilization policy to facilitate the modernization and commercialization of agriculture sector

            To promote the river connectivity program by ensuring proper embankment programs


Industry and commerce


            To stress on infrastructure development for the development of industries

            To construct industrial corridor based on custom checkpoints viz. Nepalgunj, Bhairahawa, Krishna-nagar and Koilabas.

            Transparency and security enforced modernization at custom checkpoints

            The import of unsafe, adulterated and toxic food items will be strictly banned.


 Without any procrastination, we need to come up with concept paper for development and based on that, we need to prepare the state development plan, which in turn will form the basis for preparing policy and program for government and for budget preparation.  For these, we have to expedite the process of formulating various required laws.  State government is ready to work hand-in-glove with state legislature and honorable members of state council.    


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